The funds from the Direct Service Workforce Grant will support the employees who provide services to clients. The funds will be used to provide financial compensation, wraparound benefits, and retention activities. We anticipate that by spending the grant funds in these areas, the direct service workforce will benefit and be motivated to continue to provide the day-to-day, in-person HCBS support for people to live, work, and participate in their communities.

Financial Compensation
Employees are often attracted by highly paid employers such as Amazon and Walmart. Quality Personal Home Care Services (QPHCS) plans to provide bonuses to employees who are willing to continue working with a small business like our agency. The employee hourly wage increase, and bonus will be provided for workforce during the terms of the grant period. We will provide other financial incentives for working with clients with special needs such as dementia clients

Wraparound Benefits
Quality Personal Home Care Services plans to provide benefits to help employees to remain employed. We will pay for mileage reimbursements to allow employees to travel for job-related activities for the client, use of public transportation or shared ride to work, and taking clients for groceries and doctor appointments. We also plan to provide small grants for employee car maintenance. QPHC will pay for employee tests such as background checks and TB skin tests.

Retention Activities
QPHCS plans to provide incentives for recruitment, training, onboarding, and recognition for job performance. We will hire marketing staff to create and distribute marketing materials (e.g., brochures, flyers, etc.) at public places, schedule and make overview presentations in the community to recruit qualified employees.

Optional Spending
QPHCS will use the remaining funds to purchase office supplies such as paper, ink, etc., for daily use. Payroll taxes and other urgent needs will be addressed to ensure day-to-day operations.