The following questions and answers will provide information to help you make decisions about how our agency can serve you or your family member. Please contact us by phone at 317) 624-2998 or email: We will be happy to talk with you about the services that you need.

Question: What is Quality Personal Home Care Services?
Answer: Quality Personal Home Care Services is a personal services agency. We are
located in Indianapolis, Indiana. We serve clients in their own homes.

Question: What types of care services do your agency provide?
Answer: Quality Personal Home Care Services provides non-medical personal home
care services. Our qualified caregivers provide attendant, homemaker, and respite care services to clients in their own homes.

Question: What are attendant care services?
Answer: Attendant Care primarily involves hands-on assistance for older adults and
persons with disabilities with physical needs. The services provided are needed so that the individual is able to stay in his or her home and carry out activities of daily living, self-care, and mobility

Question: What are homemaker services?
Answer: Homemaker services offer direct and practical assistance consisting of
household tasks and related activities. The services help individuals remain in a clean, safe, and healthy home environment. Homemaker services are provided when individual is unable to meet these needs or when informal caregiver is unable to meet these needs for the individual.

Question: What are respite care services?
Answer: Respite care allows family caregiver to take breaks from the daily routine of caregiving. Our qualified caregivers will provide relief and that much needed break for the family caregivers. It can relief stress, restore energy, and promote the necessary balance in the life of a family caregiver. Whether it’s for a few hours or a well-deserved vacation, we will be available to provide the necessary support and relief.

Question: Where do you provide services?
Answer: We provide personal attendant, homemaker, and respite care services to our clients in their own homes. We can also take the clients to doctor appointments,
medication pick-up, and grocery shopping.

Question: Are your caregivers insured and bonded?
Answer: Yes. Our caregivers at Quality Personal Home Care Services are boded and
insured. We have general liability and workers’ compensation insurance coverage. We also conduct criminal background checks on our caregivers to help ensure the safety and well-beingg of our clients.

Question: Will my family member always receive quality care from the same caregiver?
Answer: We involve you in helping to identify qualified the caregiver for the client.
This strategy ensures that we have a long-term service relationship with you and your loved one,

Question: Can you provide assistance with medications?
Answer: Our caregivers provide medication reminders to ensure that our client takes the required and needed medication as prescribed. We encourage our clients to report any medication side effects to allow us to report any medication issued observed.

Question: What are the costs of your various caregiver services?
Answer: We provide a care plan for each client. The care plan provides the number of hours of care per day or week, the specific services provided, and the location of
service. We will discuss the rate for the service prior to providing the service. We also provide a written rate sheet prior to initiating care services. We also bill our clients for care services.

Question: How do I pay for the services that you provide?
Answer: We submit an invoice weekly after the completion of services. You can make payment for services by the following payment methods:
– Medicaid Waiver
– Insurance
– Private Pay

Question: Your care services appear to be appropriate for my family member. What
are the next steps?
Answer: You can contact us by:
-Phone: (317) 624-2998
We will be happy to talk with you about the services that you need and answer any
questions that you may have.